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By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 12/31 2013 08:38PM

Updated 01/01 2014 05:32PM

        The Facebook Year in Review features was fun to check.
        There's a nice little montage of pictures rotating through the year. Gives you an idea of what you thought was important or meaningful at the time you posted it.
        The Y-I-R can also reveal what things impact you. In January I said goodbye to The Man. The greatest Cardinal of them all.
        I've been know to crack wise on occasion as with this play on the name Cardinal.
        Sometimes I can't help myself and I put on a photo with caption just to dig a couple of people I know. Remember that comment about cracking wise?
        In may I celebrated my 20th anniversary at the station. The nightside crew headed to one of our favorite haunts, Joe's Italian in Sullivan. Walker even bought by dinner. Can you believe that?
        Vacation time sometimes means travel and one of my haunts is Chicago. I like to hit the places I've know about for years. A Chicago dog of course, no ketchup. Its against the law. Deep dish of course.
        Sometimes silly stuff catches my eye and I pass it along.
        Ah, Miley, you little twerker, you look a lot like Jim Carrey's female bodybuilder spoof from years ago. Yikes a hootie, indeed.
        Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation is a teacher, a philosopher. I post a lot of his stuff.
        I love tech, heck, you're watching Tech Talk. But it can get out of hand on occasion.
        So what did you post on Facebook last year?
        Oh, Happy New Year.



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