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By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 02/09 2014 05:44PM

Updated 02/12 2014 07:02PM

        There was much celebration on Facebook's tenth birthday. Now, I'm not trying to rain on their parade -- but here's a reminder of the company's sometimes rocky road. Its why you should still be looking out for your privacy.
        Time Magazine put together a look at some of the issues raising privacy concerns at Facebook over the last decade.
        Do you remember any of these?
--Announcing your purchases to friends.
        Launched in 20-07, it really got people up in arms. The ad platform Beacon was designed to let companies post on your feed when you purchased items through their website. Mark Zuckerberg called this a mistake -- and the program was scrapped.
        --Tracking your movements online.
        Facebook still keeps up with what Internet sites you visit. The information is saved in the cookies on your computer and used to deliver what Facebook calls a "personalized experience." Take a look and you'll see ads from places you've just visited popping up on your news feed.
        --Keeping your data.
        In the early days -- even if you left -- there was no easy way to wipe yourself completely from the site. In 20-10 they changed this after a huge public uproar. Now some postings, like interactions remain on the site, but not everything.
        While some policies have changed, its a reminder to monitor your privacy when using Facebook and other social media.

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