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        Copper Harbor, Michigan...about the most remote place you can go in Michigan's wild Upper Penisula.  It's a tiny town of 90 year-round residents, surrounded on three sides by the crashing waves of Lake Superior.
          It's home to a thriving new businesses, the Brickside Brewery.  It's a popular microbrewery that got it's start through something called "crowd funding."  Raising money on the Internet through a site called Kickstarter
         "Basically anything that you think of be it creative projects, businesses, or anything you can think of, its out there if you want to see it happen, you can help contribute."
         Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.  It has raised almost 800 million, contributed by close to 5 million people, to start almost 48 thousand projects.  It helped Robinson, who creates artisan brews using special ingredients grown only in Michigan's UP.
         Entrepreneurs pitch their idea on the website and set a funding goal.  If people like a project, they make it happen by pledging money.  Crowd funding.  About 44 percent of all the Kickstarter projects reach their funding goals...just like the Brickside Brewery on the shores of Lake Superior.
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