Tech Talk-Apps You Should Download Now

By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 12/27 2013 08:15AM

Updated 01/15 2014 07:11PM

        Maybe you unwrapped a new tablet or smartphone -- or you're an app veteran stuck in a rut. Whatever the case, there are some apps out there that are worthy of consideration.
        Games are always popular, so let's start with those.
        Dots is a hot new game -- much like the popular Candy Crush, and it's free.
        If you're willing to pay 3 bucks for a game, Ridiculous Fishing is great for smartphone users.
        iPad users might like Sword and Sworcery. It will cost you 2 bucks, but is supposed to be extremely original and engaging.
        There's so much more to the app world than just games.
        Consider these for the iPhone.
        Fantastical 2 is a great app for creating a far better calendar than the one that comes with your device. It's 2 bucks right now.
        Level sets up a daily, weekly and monthly budget for you, and it's free.
        Now for you Android users.
        1Weather is free and improves the very average weather experience that comes in the device.
        Swiftkey 4 is a gesture based keyboard. Once you learn it, it is faster and more accurate than screen tappping -- 2 dollars.
        If you have cash to burn, try Traktor DJ or How to Cook Everything. The first will let you mix music like a pro, the second is self explanatory. Both cost 10 dollars.



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