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By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 06/30 2014 09:14PM

Updated 07/16 2014 05:33PM

        Populating Android's barren lock screen is easy.
        The Event Flow Calendar widget is best for those whose calendars are packed.
        Lots of styling options and configurations, but the goal is putting your agenda front-and-center.
        Your handset's display shows a well-designed list of upcoming appointments, along with dates, times and weather. The app offers different home screen widget options as well.
It's free. 99-cents buys you customization options.
        Another lock screen tweak is the DashClock widget. More versatile than Event Flow, it focuses on your agenda. You'll get time, date and weather. Unread emails, SMS notifications and missed calls. And more.
        There are also dozens of extensions available in the Google Play store, most free.
        Pin code or pattern security users will enjoy a condensed version displayed above the keypad or pattern dots.
        You can drop the widget on one of your home screens as well.
        It's free.
        Aviate takes over your Android phone, completely changing the way you use it.
        Your home screen morphs and changes throughout the day. It presents apps and other info you need based on time, location and other factors.
        - Wake up, and Aviate automatically brings you weather and your meetings for the day.
        - When driving, it automatically gives you directions.
        - Out to dinner, Aviate shows you photos, tips and reviews of restaurants.
        It's free.
        Tasker makes your smartphone infinitely smarter by automating practically anything and everything you want.
        This is the definitive app for Android. Tasker performs any of more than 200 functions automatically, and it supports plug-ins.
        Text someone. Message via WhatsApp. Change your ringer settings and dim your display when you get to the movies.
        This app is a bargain at 2-99.
        Finally, there's AirDroid. It turns your phone into a server and lets you control it from your web browser. You're one step closer to never having to take your eyes off your computer.
        From your browser, AirDroid lets you text, manage apps and play music. Plenty more.
        Step away from your computer and AirDroid moves files to your phone and pushes URL's to your phone's browser.

        AirDroid is free.  A monthly 1-99 or annual subscription brings you premium features like a 1 gig data quota.

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