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By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 06/10 2014 03:03PM

Updated 07/09 2014 07:06PM

        The Cover Lock Screen replaces the lock screen on your Android smartphone. It learns which apps you use the most and where, and makes them available without user intervention.
        Location and motion data determines if you're at home, work on even in the car. The app that comes up fits your location. Navigation in your car, email at work.
        This great app is free.
        Swype has been around a while. It allows you to drag a single finger around the screen from key-to-key, then the app magic happens. No more tapping on those little virtual buttons.
        Swype costs 4 dollars. There's a free trial version to.
        Switching to the iPhone back in the day meant losing access to profile manager apps. No more. Profile Scheduler lets you tweak settings based on time, location, a wide variety of criteria.
        Go to bed, your phone switches to silent, cuts background data to save juice and dims the display. Wake up and the phone automatically switches to your normal profile.
        Way cool. There's a free version and the premium version costs 3.49.
        The wonderful world of widgets. One to check, the Android Stocks Tape Widget.
        This puppy creates a ticker that scrolls across your home screen, displaying the info on your stocks and indexes.
        There's a free trial. The full version costs 3-89.
        Lastly, Smart Launcher, which changes how you interact with your phone.
        Like Cover, Smart Launcher takes over your user interface, controlling your lock screen and home screen as well.
        It separates apps into groups, making for quick access. It learns which you use most, making those more accessible than others.
        Smart Launcher spans every Android device -- phone, tablet, even a Google TV box. It interacts with other launchers you may be using.
        There's a free version. The 4 buck pro version adds much-needed widget support.

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