Hometown Hero Revisited-Adam Dawson

Our latest Hometown Hero is Sgt. Adam Dawson. Sgt. Dawson is a 2002 graduate of North Central High School. He has been a United States Marine for more than 10 years,.

Coming from a military family, Sgt. Dawson has been deployed five times, three of those in a combat zone.

He was nominated by Jeri Greve, who's son was serving in Afghanistan, and learned that Sgt. Dawson discovered he was just two tents down from Greve's son overseas. Mrs. Greve said Sgt. Dawson is an excellent role model for her son, comforting her while he own child was overseas.

Sgt. Dawson is married and the proud father of two children. You can see that there are plenty to choose from when it comes to making Sgt. Adam Dawson our latest Hometown Hero.

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