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Wabash Valley Monument Co. has been part of a family owned business since 1957. Our chief area of operation is Terre Haute, IN and surrounding communities. Since it’s inception, Wabash Valley Monument has strived to provide families with a wide range of cemetery memorials to fit their specific needs. We take pride in producing memorials with well-established techniques, while incorporating state of the art technologies.


We design monuments with CAD drawings, offering thousands of designs for families to choose from. These designs assist them in the process helping make each monument unique to the individual. We also offer custom laser etchings to give the highest quality detail to design possible. The laser process is the most innovative way to personalize a memorial from portraits to emblems or anything imaginable that can actually be etched in stone.

From selecting the perfect monument, to designing and final installation at the cemetery, Wabash Valley Monument is with you the whole way. We take pride in providing families with a lasting tribute to their loved one’s memory. 

Terre Haute Wilbert Burial Vaults

In addition to traditional grave stones and monuments, Wabash Valley Monument is able to provide Wilbert Burial Vaults through Terre Haute Wilbur vaults as subsidiary of Wabash Valley Monument. Wilbert Vaults are an established national vault corporation and have one of the highest quality standards on the market. Wilbert Burial Vaults have been working with funeral directors in the Wabash Valley for over 75 years and prides themselves on these lasting relationships that continue to grow.  For over a decade, Terre Haute Wilbert Burial Vaults has received the Ultimate Service Provider recognition from Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.

At Wabash Valley Monument, the family instills the same cutting edge technology and attention to quality and service.  Using only the highest quality granite, Wabash Valley Monument incorporates state of the art design techniques and custom laser etching to create perfect lasting tributes to your loved ones.  But they don’t just do monuments.. they offer several specialty products made from granite and marble. 

Wilbert Burial Vaults & Wabash Valley Monuments are located in Terre Haute, IN just off of Hwy 41 at 509 Preston St.  You can find them on Facebook, visit their websites, or give them a call at 812-235-0039.


Phone: (812)-232-0470

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