Save money by borrowing from the public library

How much money do you spend every year purchasing books and movies? It can add up quickly! And if you pay property taxes, those dollars are going towards your public library. Why not get the most bang for your buck and start borrowing from your local library instead?

1. Check out books in lieu of buying new and used books from Amazon or a local bookstore.

2. Borrow DVDs and Blu-Rays from your library instead of paying rental fees or purchasing them new.

3. Borrow e-books and audio books for free instead of paying for costly services like Audible. Libraries subscribe to free databases that provide access to digital books and magazines. You can borrow these through your public library's website for free and save a fortune.

4. Check out free performances offered by your public library. Often, libraries have local performers provide free entertainment for children and adults. Additionally, they routinely have free story time for kids, which is a great after school activity.

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