Tips for building a green home

Building a green home isn't only good for the environment, it will save you big bucks in the end. The initial renovations to go green can be costly, but in the end, you're creating a more sustainable environment for you and your family.

Consider these tips if you want to build a green home:

1. Location. Avoid building on a lot that faces west. This will keep your home cool and minimize sun exposure during the afternoon and evening hours.

2. Keep it small. A small home built with eco friendly techniques will have a smaller environmental impact than a large home. Also, large homes cost more to heat and cool than small ones.

3. Buy energy efficient appliances. When purchasing appliances for the home, make sure to only buy machines with the Energy Star label on them. Energy efficient appliances offer significant cost and energy savings without compromising performance.

4. Use sustainable building materials. If you want to reduce the impact of your home construction on the environment, use eco-friendly products such as reclaimed lumber, recycled plastic, recycled glass or natural products like bamboo and cork.

5. Install water conserving fixtures. If you want to conserve water, install low flow faucets, toilets, and shower heads. These will cut down on your water bills significantly.

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