A simple guide to what you can and cannot recycle

Have you ever wondered if you can throw that paper plate you just used in the recycling bin? What about that take-out container? If you've ever struggled to determine what can and cannot be recycled, check out this helpful list that breaks it down item by item.

Items you can recycle:

1. Rigid plastics and bottles

2. Cardboard boxes

3. Milk cartons

4. Phonebooks, magazines and mail

5. Office paper, newspaper and cardboard

6. Aluminum beverage cans

7. Food cans

8. Glass food jars

9. Beer and soda bottles

10. Wine and liquor bottles

Items you cannot recycle:

1. Plastic shopping bags

2. Napkins and paper towels

3. Food waste

4. Styrofoam

5. Aluminum foil

6. Egg cartons

7. Take-out containers

8. Foam cups

9. Soiled food containers

10. Soiled paper products

11. Broken glass

12. Fast food packaging

13. Plastic utensils

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