Sadie All

Sadie All is a Wabash Valley native who joined the WTWO news team in May 2015 as a Multi-Media Journalist. In March 2017, Sadie moved up to Weekend Anchor. It's a huge honor for Sadie to deliver the news in her own community.




She's had a fair share of working on harder news stories during her time with WTWO. That includes the 2016 Vigo County coverage of the Earl Taylor trial. Taylor was found guilty for the murder of his first wife, Kathy, in 1975.


Sadie also covered the 2016 Sullivan County trial of Johnus Orr, who was found guilty for the murder of his 20 year old step-sister, Tiffanie Adams and her unborn son. 


Sadie also covered the FBI investigation over the Vigo County School Corporation. That led two employees, Frank Shahadey and Franklin Fennell, to federal court in Indianapolis where Sadie reported on the hearings.


It's not just hard news stories that Sadie enjoys, she's always excited about a great feel good story. Feel free to reach out to Sadie on her professional Facebook page, or e-mail at to share news story ideas, or just to say hello.


When Sadie's not working on news, you can find her catching up on her fitness, enjoying the outdoors or indulging in her life-long love for coffee and all things fall season.



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